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What is Bio Cassawa?



At  DOSAMAwe are cultivating a team committed to excellence as a common bond. This culture defines us as individuals who, collectively, enrich the organization by energizing it with innovative ideas, expertise and talents that come from an array of disciplines. 

We value our relationships with our affiliations and customers and continuously look for ways and means to improve them.

Our core values are integrity, diligence, team work, professional- ism and mutual respect.

 We have 34 years of experience in our credit.


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Office No:2, 1FF, Jhangir plaza ,ST:22 Jinnah ave ISB: +92-336-5500208                    
East Timor: +67074159856
Sec:J, Defence Housing Authority Pkase-II,  Tel: +92-51-5418299
Islamabad. Pakistan Tel: +92-51-5789654